It’s a brand-new idea that we’re talking about here!

There is now a need for a new idea that will go beyond advanced technology. Because; technology came to the forefront and human is devalued. That’s where the problem is, and that creates an imbalance. No one is satisfied with words anymore. For this reason; the human’s inner nature and its way of life must be revealed so that it can rise again above technology.

In short; our physical aspect is very advanced, but we do not know about our inner nature! 😊
So, let’s take a look at “Ourselves” and get to know who we are!


We have three (aspects) structures: The Body, The Wanderer, and The One Who Breathes.

We go to the moon and the stars, and we know about galaxies, but we do not know our own inner nature. We have never turned our attention to ourselves… 🙂 Who are we, what is this body, who is it that’s breathing, who is the Wanderer, where did it come from, which part of me wants to love and which part of me wants to be loved? We are not aware… Because we have not valued “ourselves” as much as we value others.

Now, to have the ownership of the moment, the solution is in “Ourselves”, by bringing these “Three Parts” together. 🙂


Where is the “Human”? 🙂

For the answer, let’s get to know ourselves starting with our body. Right now, our bodies are an instrument for reading this text. So, what are the needs of our bodies? Eating, drinking, sleeping, and shelter… If we are not satisfied by meeting these needs, then there is a problem here. So, just meeting our bodily needs does not make us happy. Why is that? 🙂

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A person who lives in unity with oneself is the owner of their body.
Erol Erbaş | Human

When The Wanderer unites with The One Who Breathes, we name it “The moment”.
Erol Erbaş | Human


Let’s get to know ourselves right away with a few questions. 🙂

Do we dream? Do we daydream?
Do we drift away to the past events during the day?
We do, don’t we? 🙂
Now let’s think about someone we love very much. The person we love came before our eyes. Now, let’s think about someone we dislike. Immediately our face fell, didn’t it? We remembered an incident we had with a person we don’t like. So, which part of us went away? It is the part of ourselves that dreams, the part that daydreams, the part that goes to the past, lives under the influence of events, goes to who we dislike, goes to who we love… That’s why we call this part “The Wanderer” because it is constantly wandering. 🙂

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Are we the ones who are breathing? Is there a power that breathes in and out?

If you say “I’m the one who’s breathing in and out”, then cover your nose and mouth with your hand and try to hold it… 🙂 Of course, we can’t. After a while a power within us pushes our hand, it doesn’t allow it. So, we can’t hold our breath. If that power; “our spirit”, who created us and keeps us alive, withdraws itself from the body, the body has no power. Therefore, in this body, our strongest part is The One Who Breathes; The Spirit. How do we know…? 🙂

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The key to power is to lean on The One Who Breathes.
Erol Erbaş | Human


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